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It is a source of pride for our company manufactured for selections as konig proved their presence in .The world markets for manufactured doors and windows of my article. In. CNN complementary so despite the lack of them from entering this article to the world market since the twenty-five year.

Our Approach

Our company is producing Profile Konig advantage of the quality of production, which is a fine solution in this regard with its distinguished German and conformity to international standards and appropriate for all circumstances and tastes where industrialization through the latest machines that we obtained after the search, investigation and long-art systems and technology developed by distinguished experts in this area are After delivery of product quality testing all stages of production according to the requirements of global markets and reach our production of a substance to me. in. CNN. Approximately Sixty-five thousand tons annually .

Manufacture exclusively according to standard specifications (DIN - RAL-AAMA - ASTM - AFNOR) also rely tireless research and the continued development of products and methods and services to consolidate our philosophy towards dynamic changing needs by developing ways manufacturing operation, which enabled us to produce and develop appropriate regulations for different weather conditions in the world that the success and prosperity of our product Konig subject to the satisfaction of our customers and to develop our human resources is a difficult equation solve through distinguished performance guaranteed profit for the three parties (we - our - the customer ), as we consider our human resources are our partners .

What is the U-P.V.C ?

Is the abbreviation of the compound chemistry engineering Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride polyvinyl alcohol chloride-Almldn who discovered after thirty years of intensive research and development . It manufactures chlorine gas extraction of salt and ethylene from oil. Then combines chlorine and ethylene polymerization process together with access to the white powder is the PVC .
Formerly was added to the composite materials Mant to make it softer facilitate its manufacturing and use of electrical cables and isolate Abawari .... U is the letter "L" refers to the failure to add these substances to keep the boat more solid, but it added titanium dioxide and meta Acrylate dioxide substances and some metal fixtures to lift its material properties and resistance to weather factors .
No cause U-P.V.C through the stages of manufacturing any harm to humans Ollbeh which is subject to recycling 100% .
Material is the U-PVC broader Anchara today in the world in terms of use for the manufacture of doors and windows and other materials CLOTHING internal and external. The scientists and researchers that the article will not appear again in the near term attributes of the best in terms of durability and performance integrated .
Where comparative properties and the efficiency of up to significant shares in the markets of Europe, North America and Asia, which is spreading rapidly in developing markets such as China, Russia and the Middle East ….

Why was the selection rule of the U-P.V.C

The global trend now is towards products combine high performance and economic together .
General characteristics :
Azleh heat
U.P.V.C is one of the best building materials isolate heat . And enjoy a high resistance to radiation over violet and thus preserve the Thbat colour thermal alterations Ithather not even 92 degree Celsius .
Azleh voice
We designed Customer Konig several rooms to increase the isolation and to ensure calm and comfort
No dilemma when he was a flame in the event of fire and the high temperatures to above the 200 degree Celsius issued chloride found in the gas U.P.C.V help flickers but Inotfi of its own in that situation.
Resistance to moisture and water
- It does not Ithather water and humidity, but used to hide the effects of moisture in the ceilings and walls is a clean water and ordinary detergent.
- Resistant to acid and alkaline materials.
- So that resists higher acid concentration without Ithather unlike other materials based separation of electricity.
- Resistant good mechanical shocks .
- Look nice and attractive colors propeller .
- The formation of high vulnerability
Before considering the purchase of the windows of your home or your business must ask the responsible sales following questions  :
Are these windows resistance of the factors of weather and colder temperatures and rain and air pollution ?
Are the materials used for the coloring and typecasting windows fixed terms of permanent and enjoy high     ?
Is the design Profile windows rooms internal buffer air a minimum of three rooms     ?
Is there a system to isolate within the window gaskets     ?
Do you create windows of the article is an excellent thermal insulator even Palmlms     ?
Do you need constant maintenance to windows     ?
Is Sti_oh Thtra windows or with the passage of time as a result of exposure to moisture and corrosion     ?
Can I use my ensure written     ?
If your answer could not "yes" to all the questions the former windows Konk manufactured material is the choice of UP.VC and economic solution for your business
Comparative table of the windows are made of various building materials:  U-P.V.C Aluminum wood

  • Excellent insulator
  • Window Sides angles and welded heat without screws, giving high strength and safety.
  • AIn addition to prevent leakage of water and air.
  • A Resistant to steam condensing on the surface.
  • A Easy cleaning.
  • A Permanence and durability no fear of scaling, The wear and oxidation.
  • A Scarcity of the need for maintenance.
  • A The stability of color and no need to paint at all.
  • A Bjonat with a buffer.
  • Not during conflict or maimed (Convolutes) with time.
  • Excellent insulator


  • A Mechanical tensile strength is somewhat limited, but the relay in the mineral section solve this problem.
  • Insulation is very bad because Carrying high heat.
  • Allow steam condensing on the surface.
  • subject to oxidation and necrosis, especially in coastal areas is subject to scratches.
  • Most window sides connected screws (not welded), which its shadow on time, thereby causing problems of dust, water, air and sound.
  • Painted aluminum windows are easily scratched and mutilation.
  • Absorbs moisture and this leads to distortion and wear and therefore leakage of air and water.
  • Need to paint from inside and outside and maintainance a regularlly.

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